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More Than Boggle Online

eWord Challenge is a Boggle online word game in English and Spanish. This is a digital reboot of three Boggle variants popular in the 70's and 80's: (a) 4x4 Classic Boggle, (b) 5x5 Big Boggle, and (c) 6x6 Super Big Boggle — now playable on desktop, tablet and smartphone using a web browser. The game is compatible to any operating system such as Windows, iOS, Macintosh, Android, Chrome OS, Linux, etc.

Instant Game Access

No download is needed to start playing online Boggle game. No email address or personal information is asked to sign up for a player account. Playing as guest is allowed with full access to all features except the saving of preferred settings and Elo rating. All pages are ads free and do not require plugins thus game loads faster even with mobile devices.

Customizable Setup

There are several settings that can be configured to suit different skill levels. Players can choose their preferred board size, time limit, word length, scoring method, dictionary size, etc. The default Dictionary is American (US) with option to include other English dialects such as British (GB), Canadian (CA) and/or Australian (AU) based on the word lists compiled by SCOWL (And Friends).

Dice Configurations

Dice of the 4x4 board can be configured based on the "original" Boggle version of 1972 or on the "modern" letter distribution that is optimized to yield the most number of possible words. With the old setup, words are harder to discover — the one loved by the experts. Dice matrices in the 5x5 and 6x6 boards always follow the optimized versions. A random combination is generated in every new round of play.

Blank Feature

A "blank" tile is featured in 6x6 Super Big Boggle board and it can be defined as a word stopper or as any letter. The former makes the blank unusable (disabled) while in the latter setup, the blank behaves like the one in Scrabble. Players need to be more imaginative to figure out the "invisible" letter.

Play Modes

"Play solo" mode is available and it is equipped with search to show all possible words from SCOWL Size 70 dictionary. A "don't disturb" button is provided to allow/restrict invites. Multiplayer sessions could be free-for-all or by teams. Any player can act as "Host" to create a new session (room) and the rest may join as "Challengers". Closed sessions could be made exclusive with a private code or minimum Elo allowed.

Scoring Methods

The scoring adheres to the traditional Boggle point system according to word length but implements right-minus-wrong rule to penalize adventurous players. Options for this setting are "Cancel if common", "Count all words" (no cancel) and "Score shared by finders". Abbreviations and known acronyms are accepted but given no score.

Player Ranking

Players are ranked using the Elo rating system. Bonus Elo will be awarded every round with respect to position (up to 10th) except the bottom. Playing solo will also earn some Elo if score is at least 5 pts. The all-time list of Top 50 players is being updated in real-time.

Learn While Having Fun

Playing Boggle game is a good way to test spelling skills and sharpen the brain. It's filled with fun and thrills with results that are very unpredictable. Having the most words does not guarantee a win. At times, those with fewer words may snatch the win with long or unique finds.

Tips: It takes focus, good memory and diligence to stay competitive! Remember the rules of past and present tenses, plural forms, comparatives and superlatives to create more words by adding ED, S/(I)ES or (I)ER/(I)EST. Rescan the board and watch for *ING(S), *ER(S), *IER(S), *TTER(S) including RE* patterns — true Bogglers are too smart to miss them. Finally, review the list of entered words once in a while to save points from score deductions due to careless (typo) misspelling.  Learn more.
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